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Improving resilience to issues and crises

Handson AdviceCrisis situations are by definition overwhelming and unexpected. Issues can only be predicted in limited cases. Preparing for such situations is seemingly impossible, but the opposite is actually true. Making arrangements in advance about the decision-making and delegation of responsibilities help to ease the chaos during an active situation. Risk assessments help to prepare for the most likely issues and crises before they even happen. All this increases the likelihood of coming out of an issue or crisis unscathed or even stronger than before.

Preparation is half the battle. We help you with this.

Issue and crisis workshops

Our workshops give a view into the dynamics of issues and crises. During these workshops, we cover the most likely examples of severe damage to reputation and elaborate on the issues and crises situations of our client by way of short desktop scenarios. In an active dialogue, we discuss the possible implications of an issue or crisis. On the grounds of our experience, we guarantee that this session will lead to at least 5 concrete points of improvement for your crisis preparedness.

> Decision-making around issues and crises

You can never prepare for every fathomable scenario. You can, however, make arrangements about the manner in which you will approach every thinkable situation. With our proven issue and crisis decision-making method, we help you and your team to be ready for the unknown. This method helps you reach the necessary interventions, conduct and message, despite the chaos and time pressure. The Handson decision-making method is directed at swift analysis and ensures clear allocation of actions. The method is explained over the course of one day during the workshop and can be trained afterwards with targeted exercises.

> Script development

Based on the risk assessment of your organization, we help to develop a script for action or improve on existing strategies. Every crisis is unique. For that reason, we devise a manual or playbook that takes you through the preparations with clear escalation steps, delegation of responsibilities and practical information. We also create an inventory of the need for information relating to your most prominent risk areas. This can entail, for example;  ‘press ready’ Q&A’s, infographics about the chemicals and processing techniques of a chemical company, or a clear and precise summary of the policies on medical malpractice at a hospital. Ready to use no matter what crisis may arise. These types of preparations help you respond quickly and stay focused on the situation at hand.

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