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We have been involved in the following cases:

Crisis | Continuity problems at a hospital

A hospital is in danger of not meeting the budget for the coming year. Payment problems that will affect the quality of care are looming on the horizon. Handson helps compile a crisis communication plan in the event of premature publicity and upheaval. In addition, as part of an organization-wide crisis team, Handson aids in preparing the negotiations with ‘key stakeholders’ in which the budget problems are ultimately structurally resolved.  The focus of Handson lies in the pitch and presentation of the negotiation objective. Several situations are rehearsed in advance, including the eventual explanatory statement in the media.

Issue | Inaccurate calculations  at  a research institute

A renowned research institute unknowingly delivers faulty input data for an environment impact assessment of a nationally controversial infrastructure project. The errors come to light at a crucial point in the political decision-making surrounding the project. The specialists at Handson coach the management in formulating and developing a crisis strategy. Appearances in the media and a hearing in Parliament are rehearsed beforehand.

Issue | Questions about the morals of an insurance company

A national provider of insurance is being accused in the media and parliament of so-called risk-selection. The insurance company’s advertisement campaign suggests that only a select group of people are able to take out medical insurance with them. The demographic in question are known to have lower medical risks. Handson helps to diffuse the debate by elaborating to parliament and the media on the criteria on which new customers are selected as well as moving the client to make some alterations to their marketing strategy.

Crisis | Bankruptcy of a hospital group

A hospital group is on the verge of collapse. Within a week a moratorium of payment must be announced and preparations made for the bankruptcy to follow. The Handson specialists produce a manual for the announcement and manage of communication about the announcement to all stakeholders with special attention to the employees, patients and suppliers. Activities include producing materials such as statements, speeches, Q&A ‘s. And coaching and training the hospital management for the employee assemblies, press conferences and one on one interviews we prepared. Overseeing all external communications we supported the newly appointed trustees with their first contacts with all stakeholders.

Crisis | Bankruptcy and relaunch of a retail chain

A nationwide retail chain goes bankrupt just as the spring sun is emerging. The trustee is tasked with downsizing the retail range while simultaneously executing a relaunch. Integral to the success of the relaunch is the commitment of the employees and limiting disruption to the customers. The Handson specialists help to place the internal and external announcement of the bankruptcy in the context of a relaunch; as a step in a process instead of an ending. Using video messages the employees of all outlets are informed and stimulated to stay dedicated to their work even with the announcement of the impending lay-off of all staff and the uncertainty over the future. With the encouragement of the spring sunshine, the stores did better than ever in the weeks following the bankruptcy, becoming the perfect example of a successful takeover and relaunch.