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Handson Support

Hands-on help with the focus on reputation preservation

Handson Support

The specialists at Handson are available to provide hands-on help during an issue or crisis. This can be in a number of different roles; strategic advisor, coach or any specific function within your crisis team, but always with the focus on reputation preservation. Handson Partners always deliver customized solutions.

We offer specific assistance for (potential) issues and crises.

> Quick scan scenarios

During active issues and crises, Handson helps your (management) team to break down the situation to be more manageable. We make a quick scan and present scenarios for possible reputation damage. On the basis of this, you can formulate proactive measures to avoid these scenarios.

> Coaching

CoachingIn times of crisis it is even more important to remain in control. We coach you and your team. We focus on helping your team get to grips with the situation quickly as the first step in mitigating damage to reputation. The coaching by Handson specialists also consists of support for the director, management or spokesperson with communication in every setting necessary; ‘soapbox speeches’, employee gatherings, stakeholder meetings, media contacts, etcetera.

> Media Strategy and spokesmanship

Mediastrategie & woordvoeringA conscious approach to the media is essential in the event of an issue or crises. We help determine the message that needs to be conveyed and the media strategy to get it in the spotlight.

Where necessary, we can take on the spokesmanship and guide the director, management or relevant specialists with their media appearances.

> Monitoring (social) media

MonitoringWith every issue or crisis it is imperative to have insight into the coverage and social debate about your organization and viewpoints. Handson offers monitoring of traditional (journalist) media and the discourse on social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, in collaboration with specialized partners.

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